You may or may not know me... I'm Eryin Wandel, freelance graphic designer,  and the creative behind most of the designs of Fakelife Clothing. I joined the Fakelife family about a year ago. I started out modeling some shirts for the company and my friend, Hondro Rodriguez, another killer designer who had been part of the Fakelife family until his move to Brooklyn.

Larry and I hit it off instantly. We found out that we came from the same hometown, high school, music scene, and we shared similar views on various topics. I offered my own design and illustration services for the greater good of the Fakelife mission. A year later... here we are. We continued to build on some great designs that have come before me and hopefully build a strong foundation for whatever may come after. But enough about that, here's what I've been stoked on recently! 

- The HBO show, Silicon Valley. I realize I am late to the game, but up until moving a few months ago, I didn't have access to HBO. Now that we have HBO in the house, I took in 5 seasons of Dinesh & Gilfoyle's back and forth and am finally all caught up! I also want to start a new internet, one that brings us back to a kinder time... who's with me?

- Last weekend I went and saw Bo Burnham's new movie, "Eighth Grade" and man was it refreshing! Thankfully, I am one of the few people that didn't cut up their MoviePass card (I paid for a year upfront thanks to a Black Friday deal) and took the chance on what may be one of my favorite movies of the year (yes, next to Incredibles 2..I love Pixar. Sue me.) It felt like a refreshing look at how technology has changed our student's lives, even our own. It paints a relatively neutral look at how it interacts with our culture. It is just down right funny. If you know Bo and enjoy his stand-up, go see this. Now.

- Chance The Rapper's four newest singles. So. Damn. Good. And to think I missed seeing him in college for $15.

- Not many celebrity deaths alter how I feel or think. It's always sad and we see the onslaught of posts of how people say they affected them. But when Anthony Bourdain passed, it truly did hit me like all of these posts. I grew up a line cook or short order cook in restaurants and fell in love with food and travel. So finally after all of this time, I am ACTUALLY reading his books. Going out of order I finished his second book, Medium Raw in audio fashion and now am on his breakout hit, Kitchen Confidential. I appreciate his no holding punches approach and resonate with a lot of the kitchen antics... well, minus the blow and behind the restaurant sex.

- Recently I've found myself on trips with limited coffee set ups. Being a bit of a "coffee diva" I've restocked on a few boxes of Swift Cup coffee. If you're not familiar, it's THE BEST instant specialty coffee out there,  at least when it comes to my taste buds. My favorite is their new Burundi roast. Do yourself a favor, order that now. SO, if you find yourself needing some GOOD on the go options for coffee, hit them up. From Lancaster, PA, right down the street from me, their place is like a scene from Breaking Bad (don't worry it's all legit), but oh so cool.


Thoughts? Comments? Your 5 things your stoked on? Let me know!


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