National Suicide Prevention Week

In addition to feeding orphans in third world countries, Fakelife Clothing is passionate about community and being raw and honest about the struggles of being human.  It can be seen in our designs and our social media posts. If you have ever had a conversation with any of those who work closely with our brand, our hope is that message comes through loud and clear.

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. I’m sure you’ve seen the posts and you know how many this world has lost this year to the insidious diseases of depression and addiction.  We want to join in chorus of voices in making sure all of you in the Fakelife community know that you are loved, valued and that the world needs you!

Organizations like @twloha and @hopefortheday are our favorites in providing outreach for all of you who may be hurting. For anyone feeling lost or in despair, PLEASE take one small step and reach out to someone to remind you that it is ok to not be ok. To tell you that your are valued and that tomorrow needs you.  To be the voice that sees the truth in your life when you cannot see the truth for yourself.

And as always, Fakelife is always here to have the conversations about the hard realities of life.  None of us escape this life without wounds and scars and we have no interest in perpetuating an illusion that it is easy. We are here to get through this together.

For those of you who wish to help, our designer @eryinwandel will be riding in Lancaster’s @gentlemansride to raise money for both men’s prostate health and mental health.  Sponsor him HERE.

Alison Martin, Contributing writer

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