Sometimes it takes more than a look in the mirror

Posted on September 24 2016

Sometimes it takes more than a look in the mirror. Sometimes it takes someone close to you to remind you to JUST BE YOU. Such is the case with Fakeife and myself. The last 12-16 months has been a series of ups and downs for Fakelife. During the "downs", it's been easy for me to forget why I started Fakelife and WHO I AM. I started trying to think like a businessman, like an entrepreneur. I started taking about "demographics" and "target groups". I wanted more designs that would appeal to a broader population, even though they were not something I would wear. I wanted to be Johnny Cupcakes and I wanted Fakelife to be Sevenly. (look them up)  

The reality is, I am not a businessman. In fact, I got kicked out of college because my grades were less than stellar.  Apparently, I was devoting too much time to my band and music. Shocking. 

What am I then?  I'm a husband and father that still goes to punk and hardcore shows. I'm cynical enough to say the world is burning around us but hopeful enough to say we should stand together and warm ourselves by the fire.

I've gotten to a point where I'm OK if Fakelife doesn't grow as big as I wanted it to.  We do good work. We help provide thousands of meals to orphans. That's good. In reality, with my family and job and everything else life throws at us, I only have a small portion of time to devote to Fakelife. I can't expect it to grow 200% every year when it only gets 30% of my time. It's simple math. (I'm terrible at math)

Fakelife was started to create a community that helps people write better stories for themselves.

Enough said.

You'll be seeing some slow changes around Fakelife and honestly, I haven't been this excited in a long time.

We've got a lot of new designs in the pipeline that I'm stoked about but until then, I've moved a lot of shirts to the bargain bin to make room. They need to go.

If you're in central Pennsylvania, watch for news about retail brick and mortar locations to buy Fakelife products.

 Thanks to those that just joined the #fakelifefamily and thanks to those that's shared the vision and supported us since 2009. 




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