Spend Less Time Licking Wounds

Spend Less Time Licking Wounds


Sometimes we need to tell ourselves. Sometimes we need other people to tell us. HOWEVER we need to hear it, the message is to pick yourself up and keep going. For me, life isn't about success or the lack of failure. It's about PERSISTENCE.

The last seven years of running Fakelife have not always been smooth sailing. There have been ups and downs. I've watched other clothing companies come and go in that time. I've witnessed other clothing brands get huge while friends are giving me money to keep FakeLife running when common sense says it should have been shut down. I've lost thousands of dollars and I've been able to donate thousands of dollars. All while never taking a paycheck from Fakelife. One thing has never changed...my stubborn belief that what I'm trying to do matters to someone. Whether it be someone that sees one of our shirts and connects to the message or to us or one of the hundreds of orphans that benefit from a hot meal from our support (over 30,000 in the last 2.5 years.) I've kept going when every business metric says to quit. I've had to continuously re-imagine, re-brand, re-invent. To be honest, I'm in one of those times right now. Fakeife is struggling. But you know what? The Fakelife Family will come together, we'll kick around some ideas, and try something new. I know what won't happen. I won't quit. We won't quit. Because people matter. Because what we do matters.

Life will NOT always be fair. People will NOT always be kind. Life will not always go as we want. Sometimes we need to spend less time licking our wounds and pick ourselves up and GET MOVING.

My friends in the band GIDEON said it best "fall, get up, repeat".

As always, every purchase provides 20 meals to orphans in poverty. Let's do this.






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